Doris Brown, better known as Kiani, is not only an Entrepreneur, but she also has a full time position, where she has worked for 12 years to take care of her family and fund her business. Her Entrepreneurial journey started as a simple side hustle in braiding to make ends meet for her children. For years, Kiani only braided friends and family hair, hesitating to turn her side hustle into a business, out of fear of the unknown. After studying Business & Marketing at Strayer University, Kiani is now highly encouraging others to go after any and everything that aspiring Entrepreneurs dream to pursue, without having fear. She is paving the way for more Entrepreneurs and Braiders to pursue their dreams through her Monthly "Her Hustle" Membership subscription and Mentorship program at Braid Anatomy, LLC. Kiani's creative skills and ideas has allowed her to revamp the Braiding industry into a more scalable and dependable career.