about me

After 12 years of working a full time job, I have finally unlocked my true purpose. Helping others! I enjoy Braid Anatomy because I am able to create quality art in someone's hair. A hairstyle that gives each client in my chair, something to smile for once they get up from my chair. During my full time career, I attended Thomas Nelson Community College, with a major in Engineering. I was simply only going after the money and was not interested at all. In the Fall of 2018, I began attending Strayer University. They had a variety of Degrees but they gave me the option to concentrate in a specific field that highly caught my eye. Business Administration with concentration in Marketing. With social media being a huge business platform for my hair business, I was extremely engaged in the information that I was learning. I even made it on the presidents list. Man I was HYPE! Who would believe that a wife and mom of 3 kids, with a full time job and a part time job, was making straight A's in every class? I learned so much about business that I started using those business strategies when it came to my own business. It became a huge success. I now own 2 businesses, "Braid Anatomy" and "Hustle & Motivate Expo". With Hustle & Motivate Expo, I am able to bring Entrepreneurs and small business owners together, bringing awareness to lots of useful information that will help bridge the gap of wondering what's next, to actually taking action in their businesses. I hustle to MOTIVATE!

Overall, being PASSIONATE is driving all success in my journey. My goal is to ensure that everyone else with a passion, get the opportunity to unwrap their vision and release it to the world. Let's all come together, connect and bring awareness to our Businesses.